river.watch is an online repository of citizen science and water quality data. river.watch started in 2006 as riverwatch.umn.edu, a database for the Red River Basin River Watch. It has since grown to incorporate data from other teams in Minnesota. The river.watch web app allows citizen scientists to enter, upload, browse, chart, and map water quality data for their watershed. To see what river.watch can do, pick a project team and start exploring!

river.watch is powered by (and was the original inspiration for) wq, a modular framework for creating robust, offline-capable web apps for citizen science and crowdsourcing. river.watch also leverages vera, an implementation of the ERAV data model as discussed in this paper.

If you are a citizen science and/or water quality monitoring group and would like to explore the possibility of hosting your data on river.watch, contact us to get the conversation started.

river.watch v1.1.1